A Modern Mexican Eatery, CHINGÓN, combined flavours, textures and techniques that are at heart, Mexican, while taking influences from across Mesoamerica, or modern day, South America. 

CHINGÓN is a celebration of all things Mexican and a modern interpretation of the culture and heritage of the various civilisations and people that have created and formed Mexico as we know and love today. 

CHINGÓN takes its influences and inspirations from the first Olmec empire that formed along the Gulf of Mexico in 1200 BC, The Zapotecs who settled the Oaxaca Region in 700BC, The Maya who cultivated the Yucatan Peninsula in 250 AD and the Aztec who built their capital in what is now Mexico City in 1500 AD.


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British/South African based in Dubai, Mark’s interests include travel, gastronomy and he loves a bit of geography.

Fun facts?

Mark played first team rugby for his school in South Africa.   He is passionate about wildlife conservation and safari. Mark often spends his free time taking his visiting friends and family out to the desert for night time braai’s (BBQ’s) enjoyed under the stars.

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Mark has spent over 20+ years in the hospitality industry and is well versed when it comes to providing guests with a food lead experience unlike any other. Having directed a diverse range of businesses in various hospitality environments, from large-scale outdoor catering events to elite fine dining establishments, over the years Mark has worked with some of London and Dubai’s most exclusive restaurants and bars (Hakkasan, Umu, Okku, Asia de Cuba, the Sanderson Hotel and Inamo), with the aim of developing himself as an operator, and more recently, as a concept developer.

Always up for a challenge and passionate about providing audiences with an  unforgettable dining experiences, Mark has now teamed up with Garth Beer and Rene Millan to deliver CHINGÓN Dubai, a sophisticated and modern Mexican Eatery.


Capetonian born South African, Garth grew up on the picturesque beaches of beautiful Cape Town where he cut his teeth working in a few of the city’s top restaurants, clubs and hotels. 

Fun fact?

Garth was the winner of Caterer Middle East’s Sommelier of the Year accolade in 2012 while Head Sommelier of homegrown concept, OKKU Dubai. He has co-created a range of Rum in Mauritius and is a Liverpool Football Club supporter since the age of 3!

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Garth has 22 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and is the source of knowledge when it comes to wine and fine beverages. Having been a part of the concept team as well as managed an array of well-known F&B venues in Dubai, including the likes of BARBARY deli + cocktail club, El Chiringuito Dubai, Atelier M and more, Garth has a deep understanding of what makes people in Dubai, and their taste buds, tick.

An F&B guru, meticulous with a great eye for attention to detail, Garth has teamed up with Mark Eggberry and Rene Millan and together have created CHINGÓN Dubai, an amazing canvas to express everything they love and are passionate about for guests to enjoy.


Originally from Puebla, Mexico and now based in Dubai, Rene is passionate about various cultures and cuisines, travelling to new countries to explore their history and ingredients any chance he gets.

Fun facts?

Rene worked as a chef at Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida. He is busy co-creating a range of Mezcal made from 100% Espadín back in Mitla, Oaxaca.

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Rene is a true epicure. Always eager to experience new cuisines, and continuously learn new things both in and outside of the kitchen. Rene is an avid traveller, adding to his culinary repertoire one adventure at a time. Proactive and creative, with every country that Rene visits a new recipe is curated, a dish is re-imagined.
Greatly inspired by Japan, Rene is constantly developing new dishes, marrying and combining an array of flavours to ensuring that all who taste his gastronomic creations are left inspired and craving more.

Having begun his journey at culinary school in Mexico, and initiated his career as a corporate chef, Rene has occupied an array of Head Chef roles including leading the kitchen of Muchachas Mexican Kitchen, Tom & Serg, as well as working as the personal Sous Chef of David Geffen, Founder of DreamWorks Studio.

Now, Rene has teamed up with Mark Eggberry and Garth Beer to provide the Dubai culinary scene with an unrivalled dining experience and to showcase what is possible with Mexican cuisine and ingredients.  

Level R, Grand Millennium Hotel
Business Bay, Marasi Drive
Dubai, UAE